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    • Inventory Process Management

    With tons of products, warehouses face the difficulties of complex stock management processes including inventory, delivery, order taking, dispatching and tracking. Unitech handheld terminal solutions offer feature-rich specifications to streamline warehouse operations. Unitech handhelds configure seamlessly with back end systems, are ergonomically designed and easy to operate.

    The Unitech handheld terminal eliminates most warehousing errors and improves traceability of products more efficiently. All authorized users are able to access the database in real time on the handheld terminal. We are confident this solution is a reliable, cost-effective solution for investors.

Products Reference Solutions
PA962  Arrowhead Products Automate their Inventory Processes with the PA962 Portable Terminal
PA966 (upgrade: PA968)  The Unitech PA966 helps LiveTV optimize operational tracking
PA962 (upgrade: PA600)  Classic Designs deploys unitech PA962 for its new inventory system management
PT630D (upgrade: HT630)  Phillips-Van Heusen implements global inventory tracking using the Unitech PT630D
PT630D (upgrade: HT630)  Oceanside Industries looks to the Unitech PT630D to help track linen inventories
HT660  Point of Sale Mobility