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ESD Safe Scanner
1D/2D or Wired/Wireless (electrostatic discharger)

ESD Protection Like the Unitech MS840/MS842 line, the MS84x ESD (Electrostatic discharger) laser or imager is a high performance device but additional designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. Constructed with conductive materials the MS84x ESD is a versatile scanner to eliminate the build up of dangerous static charge on the scanner, as well as to drain the charge on another object with which it comes in contact. It is a reliable tool to streamline your workflow in manufacturing environments. Ergonomic, Durable Design The rugged MS84x ESD not only offers superior extended range performance and versatility for scan-intensive industrial applications, but also it can withstand multiple 1.8-meter drops to concrete. As one of the strongest scanners in its class, the MS84x ESD has an IP42 rating, safeguarding it from moisture and dust, and is capable of operating in diverse applications including retail, industrial and commercial services. Easy to Use The MS84x ESD supports USB or wireless connectivity. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS84x ESD is easy to install and operate with simple connecting the scanner to the host device. Moreover, User-friendly cable replacement capability minimizes downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership. MS84x ESD is available in 1D laser or 2D imager (wired or wireless). Features • ESD Coated Housing • High-performance laser engineered decoder • Supports 1D or 2D barcodes; including GS1 Data barcode • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort • Multiple scanning modes • Louder beeper for noisy environment operation • 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test • IP42-rated