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HMI Gateway

IoT Gateway

unitech announced the global launch of its LIGCare telecare gateway HG700. This telecare solution allows caregivers from hospitals, healthcare centers and home care institution to seamless remotely monitor the well-being of elderly and chronic diseases people in their own homes via internet that delivers the efficiency way to enhance the health and living quality of patients who live at home, community and institutions. Featuring vital sign auto transmission, online intercom, real-time emergency call, online video education and remote care management, HG700 offers 3G / WiFi networks which enables users to get connected with care team. Based on Android platform, it supports RFID and IC Card sensor that gives multiple users to simply access their personal belongings without complicated processing. Moreover, this device is available to collect vital signs from the devices such as blood pressure meter, glucose meter, oxy meter and thermometer via Bluetooth and auto submit vital sign data to their care team. The care providers can monitor these records via a web-based platform to evaluate their health status and give users video-based consultations or share related healthcare videos education that aims to assist in the early detection of potential health problems. In addition, it is equipped with an emergency button which provides an instant way to call help for elderly person. The system will alert care providers and send message to their family immediately that patients can get the support right away. HG700 has stood out for being elegant design and easy to use. It is combined with a round curved product stand and touch panel for convenient setup. With just a few simple taps of the screen, patients can start to do video communications with their healthcare providers, detect and submit their vital signs to the cloud. Besides, engineered with industrial grade materials, it is rugged enough to drop from the 0.9M onto concrete. It has IP65 rating for resistance to dust and water together with a huge operating temperature range of-10°C to 50°C that delivers a safe platform and suitable for all environments. These technologies enhance the management of elderly and chronic diseases people who receive the majority of their care at home, community and institutions. Feature • Support Ethernet, 3G, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 b/g/n wireless communications • Built-in RFID Patient identification system • Integrates with wireless bluetooth vital sign devices • Cloud-based healthcare platform : easy to track the healthcare status • 2-way live video: Interactive communication service between care team and elderly • Healthcare education videos delivering • Emergency call button design