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  • 24
  • Jun
  • 2016
  • Meet the Replacement for the MS380 Wireless Barcode Scanner

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    The new MS340B has arrived.

    It’s time to say goodbye to the Unitech MS380 wireless barcode scanner. Make room for the new MS340B–our latest wireless scanner packed with great features and key upgrades.
    The new MS340B is a great way to go wireless on a budget. It takes cutting-edge Bluetooth technology and makes it accessible to more businesses through easy setup and affordable prices. 
    The scanner is fully compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. It works seamlessly with iOS, Android, or Windows. Simply scan a set-up barcode to pair the scanner to your host device and begin sending crucial data to your software or spreadsheet.
    With over 300 ft of range, you’ll have more than enough room to maneuver around a busy stockroom, warehouse, or office.
    Here are some advantages the MS340B has over our discontinued MS380:
    • Faster scanning: The scan rate of the MS340B is over 500 scans/sec, blowing the MS380 out of the water. The MS340B also introduces our smart detection technology for an even bigger boost in speed. The smart scan engine detects barcodes as they pass in front of the scanner for an instantaneous and accurate read.
    • Tougher: The MS340B is affordable, not cheap. The quality housing on the device protects the technology within; it’s sealed against water, dust, and potential hazards.  The unit is also tough enough to withstand repeated drops. Slips and tumbles happen in the workplace, and the MS340B can take multiple 5 ft falls to concrete.
    • Better Battery life: Up to 50,000 scans per charge. That means the MS340B can be used for multiple shifts before the next charge. There’s no reason to delay important inventory or asset tracking tasks because your team is waiting to charge their tools.
    Like its corded version, the MS340, this barcode scanner is designed to be comfortable to hold with superior ergonomics.  To learn more or request a demo unit, please contact your Unitech representative at