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  • 08
  • Aug
  • 2012
  • Unitech MS840B Wireless Laser Scanner

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    The new Unitech MS840B wireless laser scanner is enriched with a high-speed Mantis decoder and a powerful scan engine to optimize data capture efficiency. Supporting point-to-point and multi point-topoint use, the MS840B allows at least 3 guns to transmit and secure data to one cradle.
    With a rugged wireless design, the MS840B provides greater flexibility and productivity for users to move without restrictions for real-time data connection, while also sustaining comfort over long periods of use. Able to scan up to 300-feet away from the host, the MS840B stores data in a buffer mode while it is out of range of the wireless signal, uploading the data when it gets back in range. Ideal for various applications in warehousing, retail and healthcare, the MS840B is easy to operate, able to take accurate inventory, speed up checkout, and administer the correct medication. Able to withstand multiple 6-foot drops to concrete and IP42-rated environmental seal against water and dust, the MS840B can maintain its high performance in the harshest environments.

    Providing different configuration capabilities for USB, RS232 and PS2, connection is convenient with the MS840B. It also supports HID and SPP protocol, allowing users to connect to a PC or PDA directly. With a cradle that can mount to a desk or wall, a long life trigger design, and page calling for scanner tracking, the MS840B provides endless convenience and ease-of-use while lowering the overall investment cost so you can do more for your business.